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So you want to rock content and video, but you don’t have the time or expertise? No problem! The Content and Video specialists at Razwerks have your back! We’ll work with you to create a content and video strategy that deepens your connection with your prospects, imparting trust, expanding organic reach, and driving sales!

Content Marketing

Have you ever heard the expression, “Content is King”? Content marketing isn’t new, but it is extremely powerful if you implement it correctly. Even though content creation is stated as the biggest inbound marketing priority by 60% of marketing specialists, only 1 out of 3 of businesses actually have a strategy for content marketing. And many of them get it wrong by trying to sell their clients instead of providing relevant information. 90% of content marketing campaigns that actually delivered results, focused on providing true value to their readers with useful and pertinent information.

This approach creates trust and loyalty with your website visitors, encouraging them to share your content with their friends, family, and social network connections. This results in increasing organic growth, brand recognition, and interest in your company, leading to future sales. The content team at Razwerks will help you craft a content strategy to reach your ideal prospects and their network, while providing them with real value and increasing your bottom line!

Increase My Sales

Creating content is too difficult according
to 65% of the owners of small businesses

You wear a lot of hats in your business, but no business owner is great at everything. And you don’t need to be! Razwerks has a team of content creation experts that will work with you to plan a content strategy that makes sense for your brand. Then we will create the content aligned with your strategy and goals to take the heavy lifting of content creation of your already full plate, delivering impactful results that increase the loyalty and trust of your website visitors, driving more sales to your business.

Video Marketing

Did you know that 3 out of 4 consumers actually desire more video content than they currently get? And that only 10% of them can recall a call-to-action when reading text versus 95% of those who watch a video? A lot of businesses don’t realize the importance of video marketing, which can give you a huge advantage over your competitors when you incorporate video into your marketing arsenal. The video team at Razwerks will help you create a video strategy to help you connect with your ideal prospects, giving them the video content they want so they connect more deeply with your brand, leading to increased sales.

78% of current mobile traffic is video consumption

Video content consumption has been increasing every year. Is your business taking advantage of this huge marketing trend? At Razwerks we will help you decide what type of videos make the most sense for your business to increase engagement, connection, and sales. That might be video commercials, informational content videos, product demonstrations, box openings, or any number of other options. Our video production team has the state-of-the art equipment, production ability, and story-telling skills to deliver your message to your audience through this powerful online media!

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