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Implementing SEO? Wonderful! But you want traffic now? The razwerks Google Ads Consultants in Orange County will help you capture search and web traffic now, delivering immediate results and sales!

Our google ad services

Keyword Research

We’ll conduct comprehensive keyword research to ensure the right keywords are targeted to drive profitability. We can target different cities, different states, and product or service-based keywords, and implement negative keywords to filter out the traffic that won’t lead to conversions.

Ad Creation

We’ll create ad copy and messaging that will communicate your brands products and services and provide high conversions.

Landing Page

We’ll make a landing page that will be optimized for conversions once your target customer clicks on your PPC Ad. We use a funnel system that is proven to do only one thing – advertise your products and services and convert the clicks to revenue on your PPC campaign.

A/B Split Testing

We will use data driven split testing to find the winning ads your customers engage with the most, and then scale up to convert clicks to customers on the winning messaging. We don’t believe in blind tests, that increase the cost of your campaign with no results.

Remarketing Campaign

We’ll retarget customers who have interacted with your ad, without taking action, to increase the profitability of your campaign at a much lower cost, saving you money and driving up your ROI.

Data Analytics and Reporting

We’ll track your results real time and provide reporting that will provide you all of the important information on your Google Ads Campaign.

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